A Biokineticist is a clinical exercise and movement specialist, registered with the Health professions council of South Africa, and is an essential part of a multi-disciplinary medical team.
A Biokineticist is an expert in prescribing scientifically-based exercise programmes, in a sense we prescribe exercise as "medicine" for your specific condition. 
Biokineticists are trained to evaluate and measure: Body posture, body composition, heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood glucose.  Lung function, physical fitness, muscle strenght, endurance, flexibility, power and related health risk screenings.
If you:
1.Suffer from a chronic disease such as Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or arthritis
2.Suffer from Orthopeadic conditions like Low back pain, knee pain or shoulder pain
3.Had an orthopeadic surgery and need to follow a specific rehab program to become functional again
4.Suffered and injury - Acute or Chronic
5.Recurring Sport injuries
6.Need help with Weight loss or management
7.Are sedentary and need to increase your physical activity and find an exercise routine that suits your needs
8.Want to increase your overall physical well being